Adoption Process

Thank you for choosing The Cat Connection for the adoption of your new family member. Although all animals in our care are guaranteed a safe, comfortable home with us for as long as they require, our ultimate goal is place them in a loving forever home.

Our application process is designed to match each of our cats with the most compatible family. We interview potential adopters and ask many questions about your home, family, current pets and day-to-day activities. Please be assured that we only ask these questions because we’ve found that they are the best way to ensure that our adoptions are successful.

Falling in love with a pet is easy, however, adopting a pet is a big decision. Your new pet will require lots of time and money, and is a commitment for the next 10-20 years. Before adopting a cat, please think it over carefully, ask questions, and discuss it with all family members.


To be considered an eligible adopter, we ask that you do the following:

  • Complete an Adoption Application online for The Cat Connection to review. One of our adoption counselors will review your application and contact you for an interview. You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt a cat.
  • Provide verification of home ownership or landlord’s consent. We will accept a tax notice, water bill or mortgage bill as verification of ownership of your own home. If you rent, permission has to be granted in your lease, on your landlord’s letterhead, or by a call from The Cat Connection to your landlord.
  • If applicable, provide contact information for a veterinarian used for current and past pets.
  • Provide or buy a cat carrier for cat and kitten adoptions.
  • Sign an Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee. We request $150 for each cat over 4 years old, $175 for each cat 1-4 years old, and $200 for each kitten under a year old. These donations fund neutering, vaccinations, and combo testing (feline leukemia and FIV) for your adopted cat, rescue efforts, shelter, and veterinary care. The Cat Connection may, at their discretion, offer discounts to retired and disabled adopters. Please consider that cats need regular medical care throughout their lives.


Kittens are only adopted in pairs. We’ve found that kittens have a higher success rate when they have a companion, and they tend to burn off their youthful energy on each other rather than on your sofa!

Adoption Application

If interested in adopting a cat or kitten, the best next step is to complete the adoption application.

You can also review the cats currently available for adoption.