To List a Cat

Please send us an email at: You can also look at our Facebook page to see if anyone has reported a missing cat.  And, you can post to let people know that you found a cat – you want to get the word out!

Please include:

  • When you found the cat
  • Where the cat was found
  • A description of the cat
  • Your contact information (phone or email)
  • A picture if possible (Not required, but helpful)

Please indicate in your email if you want to be contacted directly. You can remain anonymous if you want, only Cat Connection volunteers will contact you.

Thank you for helping to reunite lost cats with their families.

Black and whit cat found on Crescent Street, Waltham

When: October 30, 2017 Where: Crescent Street, Waltham Details: A black and white cat came by our porch on Crescent Street in Waltham this morning and has not left. It looks well-fed, but is meowing pitifully by our door like it wants to come inside. Its left ear is notched, but it doesn’t seem feral.…


Cat found near Wadsworth and Lowell (South Waltham)

When: Friday, 8/25 at 5:30pm Where: South Waltham at the corner of Wadsworth and Lowell Details: This cat had no collar and appears very tame and well cared for. Accepted petting and started purring. He/she appears to have its claws. Contact: If this sounds like your cat, please call 732.207.1455


Cat found on River Street in West Newton

When: August 21, 2017 Where: River Street in West Newton (River/Lexington Street near Waltham line) Details: Female cat who weighs approximately 8 lbs, very sweet and follows people around. She really does not like to be picked up. She was also wearing a Seresto (flea) collar and has no microchip. Contact: Please call 781-899-4610 if…